Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The return of the Sizzler!

Sizzling across the streets of the city, lies one land, far far away (well for me) that brings to the table something that we crave for. A tasty retreat hidden away, revived after a short hiatus. Coupled with the golden liquid of fun, priced to fit your pockets, Double Tree Suites by Hilton is to be your next destination!

While I am done with word play, all I am trying to say is that the Sizzlers and Beer festival called the Sizzlers and Beer 2.0 is back at the Double Tree Suites By Hilton. Last seen in February, this festival is back on public demand and I see no reason for it to remain as regular here.

There are few places in the city that serve the perfect sizzler platters. It is very easy to mess up one. The meat could be burnt or over cooked, the sauce too less, or just too much of mashed potato! Over the years, we have seen many come and go, but the likes of Millers, Indijoe’s rule the roost and stay put.