Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Farzi twist is a Hit!

The last time I was at Made in Punjab, I was mesmerized by its silence and no nonsense food. This time I had a chance to visit another favourite from the Massive Restaurants stable- the super famous- Farzi Café.

Farzi has been a hot favourite since it opened in Bengaluru. After raving foodies in Delhi, when it opened doors here, you could see that gastronomy was at its best. One had to wait to grab a table and it still remains the same. The food impressive and different. The local delicacies with the “Farzi Twist”. That is when they decided to expand the menu by a bit. Adding more delicacies from the local cuisine in an attempt to connect with the people around.

I was invited to try the new menu at Farzi right after the launch of the new menu that had gotten people excited with its sneak peeks (I did some too. Head over to my Facebook to check it out). At the launch party, we got to taste a few of the appetizers but it always is better when you try them out later on.