Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Fabelle Experience now at ITC Windsor

What would you do when your favorite chocolate lounge announces the opening of another store closer to home? Jump at the first opportunity. That is what I decided to do when I was invited to witness the launch of the ITC Fabelle lounge at ITC Windsor.
What if I also told you that this meant I got to enjoy a 4- course meal of CHOCOLATE! Insanity? Not probably. Sin? Yes! Heaven? Do I have to answer that?
The launch of the lounge brought to us an unique opportunity to experience the chocolate with music.
ITC Windsor witnessed a musical evening where guests enjoyed the luxury chocolates in the company of international artistes who weaved magic with music, performing classic medleys, setting the perfect mood for indulgence. The evening saw performances from Polina, the only international cimbalom player in India along with Olga who is a versatile saxophonist from Russia. They were accompanied by Katya, a flautist who can perform a wide variety of musical styles including Jazz, Pop, Funk, Ballads and western instrumental music.