Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Flavours of the Rains at ITC Gardenia

badgeMalnadu, pronounced as Male (Rain) Nadu (State), is part of our glorious state comprising of cities like Chikmagalur, Hassan, Shivamogga, Coorg, the whole belt of rain forests. This region usually has rain through out the year and which is why it is called Male- Nadu.

I was invited to the Malnadu festival that is on right now at The Cubbon Pavilion in ITC Gardenia. Curated by Chef Mohan Rao from Shivamogga, it has been on since 19th September until 25th September.The festival showcases some of the best dishes that are prepared in this region, both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian. The Malnadu region is famous for its use of spices that bring in heat into your body like Pepper, Cardamom, extensive use of Bamboo shoots, sprouts, beans, Raw Banana etc.