Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Love thy Scotch

Love Scotch? A question.
Love Scotch. A statement
Love Scotch.... Love basically. Like Love literally.

Coming from the stables of #ScotchAsAGift, I was invited to meet a few important people on Saturday at Shangri-LA as part of the World Whisky Day. I did not know the agenda but all I knew was for the Love of Scotch. I walked in all dressed up and bang... right in front of me I saw was Dino Morea! Talking about his love for the Black & White Scotch from Diageo. I got a chance to interact with him and moved further inside to see the brand ambassador for the global #LoveScotch movement, the super beautiful Coco Rocha right there.

Meeting her was very exciting as I follow her on twitter and knew she was coming to India. But this was totally surprising. I got to interview her and ask her about her idea about Love Scotch and her first time in India.

Moving ahead, I met Mandira Bedi, who looked absolutely stunning. We spoke about how Scotch was supposed to be enjoyed all alone with some ice like a true blue Punjabi.

My best moment of the evening was yet to come as there was Randeep Hooda in the house!!!!. Riding on the success of Sarabjit he was there to talk about his love for Black Dog that he enjoyed with his dad.

The evening proceeded with the celebrities going to have a fun banter on their ideas of scotch and pairing them with food, or having them as cocktails. We had the Johnnie Walker Brand ambassador Jamie who helped the celebs make some lipsmacking cocktails for each other.

We were then escorted for a night of fun and pub hopping where we went from Skyye at UB City to Sanchos.

At Skyye, Mandira Bedi was the one who was making cocktails for us and at Sanchos we the Coco Rocha, Dino Morea making the same. I truly was lucky to have got to taste them.

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