Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Perfect Gift- For every man in your life...

Ah! A post of ages on my blog. I have been on a sabbatical. People have been wanting to bump me off for not doing what I love doing and the first on the list is my wife!

Now that I am writing again, it is about something I have extensively written about earlier. I truly believe in this subject and the power of this product. It is my dear bottle of Scotch Whisky. Which man, who knows his Scotch extensively, wish not to get another one for his closet? Every man would right?

That is precisely why I am writing on the Scotch Whisky collection from United Spirts, which is the perfect gift for a man! Hence #ScotchAsAGift. I would love it if someone gifted my Black Dog Triple Reserve, or a fine Black and White to keep my evenings...'sober'.

The SWC was unveiled on Thursday at Taj West End Bengaluru in the presence of 3 stunning beauties- The Black Dog, VAT 69 and Black and White! Sounds good? I do not think so. There has to be more. How about Chitrangda Singh, Shibani Dandekar and Lisa Hayden? This combo seems to go well is my guess. ;)

These celebrities launched the SWC along with Nitesh Chhapru, Head of Marketing: Premium Core Portfolio, USL who mentioned that the need of the hour was something that most men preferred and with the gifting industry, right now worth a billion dollars in the country, this just adds to it.

How many times have we heard our friends, especially women complain that they got you a certain gift because they couldn't find that 'perfect' gift for you. My answer is, ladies you now have what every man needs.

The wonderful evening was hosted by the super funny and talented Anu Menon who spoke at length about her mishaps with gifts to the men in her life to finding the perfect combination that would make her husband love her as much he loved his bottles of Scotch Whisky.

We also had Chitrangda, Shibani and Lisa talk at length about how difficult it was to zero in on something after lot of running and planning. However with the SWC, it will never remain the same. From Chitrangda mentioning gifting one to her perfectionist father, to Lisa mentioning that she would gift the Black Dog to a friend who has just graduated or been promoted, and Shibani talking about the ease of knowing people's likes and dislikes through Social media, the evening covered all.

I am now secretly wishing my wifey reads this and gifts me one soon ;)

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  1. I managed to attend this to and it was great event for sure. Glad you attended it too. And I really hope that both of our wives read your post haha.