Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Own the FlexBall- All new Gillette Fusion FlexBall review

Gone are those days when owning a Single blade razor and carving your face was cool. I am serious. My grand dad owned a Gillette Single blade razor that he got from England and used it until the last. I too used it when I just started shaving. To get used to it. Atleast I wouldn't cut my skin.

But, in the last few years, Gillette came out with some amazing razors that not only made shaving easy, but fun, and fast. It started with the Mach3 that still is used by a lot of men across the world. My dad and my brother still do.

Only recently I bought the Gillette Fusion, the 5 blade awesome razor that gave me closer shaves and smoother skin. The razor also sports a single blade on the back of the blade that enables you to give sharp cuts where needed.

In today's world where electronic shavers are getting innovative in their designs to make shaves easier and better, Gillette has now sort off pulled a masterstroke. They recently launched the all new Gillette Fusion FlexBall in India that has an amazing handle that allows you to shave on with ease, all in one stroke. The handle has a moving ball that adjusts to your stroke and jawline to give you a smoother shave. It doesn't matter which direction you are shaving, the ball works in any way.

I got my package of the FlexBall and was among the first ones to receive and review. I had my wedding around the same time that I got it and it was the perfect time to be clean shaven. A day before the D-Day, I pulled it out and went on with my business, this time only to be done faster than I usually take. Not that shaving takes hours, but you need to be careful to avoid cuts and rashes.

My primary reason to move to a 5 blade razor was to avoid that. After I moved to using the Fusion from the Mach3, my blades lasted longer and the cuts and rashes went to almost nil.

The Fusion FlexBall, I guess with more use will cut it down completely. After all, it the best a Man can get!

The Gillette Fusion FlexBall is available in all leading stores across the country for just ₹499. Go get yours now and #OwnTheFlexBall