Thursday, August 6, 2015

A good day for Gelato

Well that is odd right? Did you ever wonder there would be a Gelato flavour by Chumbak? We have known chumbak to be that brand who started off with Fridge magnets, Mobile phone charms, bags etc, but a Gelato? It was hard for me to believe too when I was invited to try it out!

Chumbak along with Milano Ice Creams have come up with an exclusive  Chumbak flavour that was decided after a contest that was run on Twitter by them to suggest a flavour. After a lot of brainstorming, it was finally decided that the flavour would be?

It is an  unusual flavour. I expected it to be colourful like the brand is, something like a fruity, pink, gum flavour. But it wasn’t. It was rather a nice subtle Mint and Chocolate. And I do not enjoy mint flavoured Ice Creams. Either the mint is too over powering, or there is too much Chocolate to it. The awesome guys at MIC have probably given me a new favourite. It is just perfect. A gelato, that tastes so light and also has a flavour that doesn’t kill your taste buds. The mint is soothing and the chocolate is well just awesome Chocolate.

A Gelato is freshly made and hence is light and a scoop or two doesn’t do any harm. Check out the pictures to see what it looks like.

Chumbak on the other hand are expanding and how! They have now ventured into the furniture and home d├ęcor space. With Sofas, Cushions, Table cloths, Crockery, Utility tables, Clothing, all from the awesome Chumbak Stable. All this with the same Chumbak designs that we love.

Go walk into their experience store in Indiranagar to check it out. As for the Gelato, if you are lucky, you may get to taste the Gelato at their store, but if you don’t, just walk up to the MIC store about 100 mts from their store and grab it before it runs out!

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