Friday, August 28, 2015

The Philips Body Groomer Giveaway!

In my last post, you read my review on the new Philips Body Grooming 1000 series, that are super helpful for any man today, to maintain, and look good and not to forget, maintain hygiene.

Philips Body Groomer series- Review

Last month Philips India introduced a new product category the Philips Bodygrooming range -  which will help get rid men of unwanted body hair that often come in the way of self confidence, stylish apparel and intimacy! The concerns of excessive body hair will now be a thing of the past, as Philips Bodygroomers can go clear the jungles where no razor should go. Basically go #UnPain.

Philips Male Grooming business offers a wide range of electronic devices for trimming, shaving and grooming. Philips believes in the trend of casual and DIY (Do It Yourself) styling, therefore Philips has brought the new Bodygroomers to address the needs of contemporary Indian men. The Philips Bodygrooming range has been designed to suit the Indian male skin and smoothly help them get rid of body hair in a painless and skin-friendly manner & relieve all the men from the ever painful body grooming issues.

 Any man would agree, getting their chests waxed or shaved is irritating mainly because of the pain that is involved. Even the under arms, leave you with irritated, cut skin and rashes lead to burns when you are done with the cleaning.

No body today likes to be the gorilla moving around with chest hair popping out of your shirts or the sight of a hairy under arm is a major turn off for many women. What is stopping many men around from flaunting their well toned body is fear of getting cuts around the sensitive areas of the body. A normal razor does more harm than good.

I was sent one of them to try out and write my experience on using it. The body groomer in one sentence is the best thing to happen to men after shavers and trimmers. The groomer is battery operated, is water proof, can be used under water and has options of even trimming hair to, 2 different lengths. The blades are two sided and hence the groomer can be used both the ways. It has got no sharp edges that may cut off your skin like other razors. Be it your regular grooming routine for chest and arms or anything south, the Philips Bodygroom series 1000 is well equipped to handle all. These nifty, compact tools come with a bidirectional trimmer which provides as close a trim as 0.5mm.  With a unique skin protector, which makes it painless and safe for sensitive areas.

The fear of having hair getting pulled out like an epilator is also zero even though this is a mechanised blade, not once did I have my hair pulled out. It was all chop chop and ready to go in 15 minutes. The first time you shave, it may take you some time to get used to it because unlike a razor where you go in one direction, this one is best used in multiple directions. For under-arms too, it chops off hair so well, it is almost like a shave with a blade.

Cleaning it is super easy too, there is a mini brush, to remove the smaller strands, or you can also directly hold it under a tap to have it clean.

For the privates, you need to be a little slow, but this works like a charm. No hassles what so ever.

Check this video to know how it works! 

The Body Groomer series by Philips are available on both online and offline stores, starting INR 1295 to INR 1495.

P.S: There is something awesome coming in my next post. Your chance to win this awesome Body Groomer. Go check it out here.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A good day for Gelato

Well that is odd right? Did you ever wonder there would be a Gelato flavour by Chumbak? We have known chumbak to be that brand who started off with Fridge magnets, Mobile phone charms, bags etc, but a Gelato? It was hard for me to believe too when I was invited to try it out!

Chumbak along with Milano Ice Creams have come up with an exclusive  Chumbak flavour that was decided after a contest that was run on Twitter by them to suggest a flavour. After a lot of brainstorming, it was finally decided that the flavour would be?