Thursday, July 2, 2015

Smelly to Smiley in seconds!!

BlogAdda recently sent this strange parcel to me that had been packed over 4 times and that was funny. They have this knack of getting you interested in the parcels you receive and get you excited. So I started opening them one by one and discovered that it was the Ambi Pur Air Effects room freshner that I had to review.

Now the thing with room freshners is, I am allergic to strong scents. I start sneezing almost immediately and that is irritating. Infact even when we have a freshner in the car, I feel nauseated and ultimately throw up. I was a little sceptical because I got the Blossom & Breeze fragrance and from past experience, flowery scents immediately get the Red light going up in my Head (cue- Inside out).
I asked my mum not to touch it or use it at home because even when sprayed an hour before I enter home, I can sense the smell and lose control over my sinus muscles :P. Hence it lay at on the shelves for a couple of days all alone. Secretly I know it would have cursed me had it been a living thing for ignoring it.

But it was on Thursday, when we had guests over at home and my neighbour started cooking fish at 6 in the evening. Can you beat that? The worst part, our kitchen faces their kitchen and so the stink of Fish cooking gets into our house first. Not even their house. What is worse a house full of fish stink or a better fragrance? I ultimately had to give in and spray the room freshner. I put around a handkerchief around my nose to avoid it and sprayed it all over the house.

In a jiffy, the whole stink was gone!!! EUREKA! I wanted to shout… but manners :P So I gently pulled out the kerchief and found that the fragrance was not irritating at all. It was just awesome. So fresh and not “flowery”. It killed the smell instantly. There was only a sweet fragrance around that also helped lighten the mood making everyone go from #SmellyToSmiley and the best part? It stayed for a while. Even after the guests left,  we could smell it in pockets of the house.

I just have one word for it! AWESOME!!!

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley at BlogAdda in association with Ambi Pur.

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