Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Lodgycally Crazy weekend!

Going Lodgycally Crazyyy!

Wondering what I am talking about? Logdycally Crazy is the name of our team that was part of the amazing #LIveLodgycal drive organised by BlogAdda and Renault India at the Leela Kempinski at Goa, Mobor.

This I have to say, was the best weekend I had in a long time, with friends , new friends and my brother. My brother and I have never really gone out on a trip like this but seriously, thank you BlogAdda for giving us this opportunity.

So the trip started off on an awesome note in the flight itself and that set the tone that we were going to GOAAAA. In 3 hours ( the time you take to reach airport and back home in Bangalore) we had reached Goa, registered at Leela an Checked into our rooms too. Seamlessly!

We had about 2 hours before we had to assemble for the first event of the evening where we were to be briefed about the drive, introduced to our teams and given the route for the next day. We also engaged ourselves in some fun activities where Nirav and I, were dressed similarly so that we don’t get lost in the mela :P

Day 2, early morning, we wiped our plates clean and were all ready to take on the roads with the all new Renault Lodgy. Our team, Team 10 aka Lodgycally Crazy, took the 85bhp car on our onward journey. But before all that, we posed for so many pictures that my selfie stick broke! (L) . Anyway, during our ride, we were supposed to complete a few tasks that were being tweeted by the BlogAdda team and so we had to stay connected on twitter. We, I think were amongst the first to complete all the picture hunt tasks, but completely forgot about the rest of them. :P

We reached Lalit at around 12ish and went in to lunch mode almost immediately. We also gave our interviews while we relaxed after a nice and heavy lunch! While getting back, it was raining heavily around Lalit and we had also swapped cars. We now were driving the 110bhp version. It took u less than an hour this time around, but we reached last because we stopped to take winning pictures like these ;)

The evening was even better, with a party in the agenda, who would have thought we would get into a serious mood? We did. I had the privilege of  moderating and contributing to a panel of fellow bloggers around Blogging and making it a full time career. I cannot thank Ankita and Harish enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity and shall always cherish it.

Well there was a celebrity called PWNeha(Party with Neha) who quite literally took the party to a different level altogether. With Goa’s best band in the house, and amazing contribution by Neha, we brought the roof down. Now I can’t really go about praising myself but I did sing too! And I have an awesome picture for it! :P Thank you Deepak ji!

What more do I say… like I said earlier, this was one of my best weekend getaways. Thank you Renault India and the whole of BlogAdda Team.

Team Lodgycally Crazy

The Crazy ladies after the party on the first day! 

The Awesome Ankita!!

Our last capture!!

I was a part of the #Livelodgycal experience with BlogAdda in association with Renault India. 

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