Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mustard & Cress at the awesome 153 Biere Street

A few weeks back I was invited to visit Mustard & Cress, a California style organic cafe to try out their Signature Specialities along with fellow bloggers. 

​​Mustard & Cress is fashioned along the lines of a European street setting w​ith cobblestone paving, Mediterranean-style shutters with window boxes, rows of charming retail fronts, and a large space for performances and open markets. 

If you have been to 153 Bierre Street, you would have observed how it instantly transforms you from the city that we live in, to a setting that we would love to spend time at! And that is what Mustard & Cress re-emphasizes. Mustard & Cress exudes an ​​old world charm that'll certainly warrant a trek to this suburb. With the feel of an upscale, alfresco, street-side eatery, the restaurant is one the cities first organic cafes and has been consistent in their endeavour to offer a "from seed to plate" experience​, serving some of the best​ seasonal, organic and locally sourced ingredients in novel and delicious creations.

What we had over there is in the menu below. The best part about this whole tasting was, that we did not waste any food. This is how I like tastings to be. Serving us tasting portions, just enough. 

We started off with Assorted Indian inspired crostini, topped with Organic mushroom, mixed peppers and almonds & potato

The Creamy, cheesy corn & asparagus wasn't what it seems to be! but it tasted just yum! Trust me this is the dish to try.

We also then asked for portions of spicy pickled cottage cheese skewers with mango chutney.

Have you ever had soup that you fell in love with and then fallen in love with life and again fallen in love with the soup? That is what happened to me! The Tender corn, coconut & fresh coriander soup was heaven on earth! I gulped two servings! :P

Moving to the main course, we were served the  Thai style charred pumpkin & red capsicum risotto & Madras curry inspired green vegetable risotto with organic red rice, crisp okra, parmesan. Next came in Indian spiced vegetable casserole, tangy shredded salad with spent grain flat bread. 

The Thai style risotto was more like a nice sobered down thai red curry but the madras curry inspired risotto, honestly was our very own 'Bisi Bele Bath'. Though the Indian spiced vegetables was tasty, the flat bread was too rubbery and was tough to bite. 

We ended with the perfect Desserts we could have had. We weren't full and so had plenty space in our tummies to go for the desserts. The desserts were: 

Seasonal mango pannacotta
Mishti doi, red velvet cake, mixed berry trifle
Chocolate & orange mousse with pillows of rasmalai and biscuit

The 2nd dessert that you see? ever wondered what a red velvet would taste with our bengali Mishti Doi? Dont think of trying this. No I am serious. DON'T!! It will make you want to go back to 153 Bierre Street again and again and again!. 

Awesome pictures below! 

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