Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The King of Fruits, now at Starbucks!

When God was making mankind, he had a thought. A thought about giving us the best of everything, but alas we ruined it. :P There still remains something that is the best. We call it the "Mango". It is not called the king of fruits just like that. Everyone, once in their life have yearned for the Mango season and that is what Starbucks has brought in this time.

The Mangoes are in the Starbucks inventories and waiting for you to go gorge on them. Along with the Mango Mania, there are a couple of other summer ready drinks to check out.

So Starbucks has brought in exciting new avatars for its patrons to indulge in the Alphonso Mango Frappuccino and the delicate Baked Mango Yogurt crafted exclusively for the mango lovers in India.

You have the option to customize and add your touch to the frappuccino to have it taste the way you want to. Add, choco chips, hazelnut sauce, vanilla whatever you may like and #SayYes to your Frappuccino.

We were invited to try them out at the Starbucks outlet on Church Street and also play a small fun game and win the GRAND PRIZE!! 

The new Alphonso Mango Frappuccino is a blend of pure Alphonso mango and milk mingled with ice and topped with a swirl of whipped cream. This flavour combination of mango and cream creates a familiar and comforting treat that’s perfect for the summer season. I did customize my Alphonso Mango Frappuccino by adding crunchy java chips and mocha drizzle.

The Mango season lasts only for a while, so will it at Starbucks! All the Starbucks stores in India will serve the delicious Mango Frappuccinos only through May and June 2015.

Dark Mocha Frappuccino and Mocha Caramel Crunch Frappuccino is among the other new variants available at Starbucks India.

Coming to the fun activity that we played at the venue, it was called the Starbucks Funventures. It is a little activity where you team up with someone and finish the given tasks to win. I said Yes to it and took part only to team up with my all time partner, Suman. 

Who do you think won? Guess...One try... HAHAHAHAHA we won!!!! When we team up, the other teams must know they are participating to get participation certificates :P 

Meanwhile, do visit Starbucks and try these new beverages and chill out enjoy! 

Oh BTW here are our #SipFaceChallenge pictures. Did you make yours? 

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