Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Don't Wait Until it is too late!

Ever wondered what would happen if, all of a sudden at the age of 25/30 you suffered a stroke? Or figured your arteries are blocked and need a surgery?

Did you know that today, many youngsters die of heart attacks because of stress and wrong diets? The level of risk today is much higher wth the increased stress levels and our erratic schedules that lead to unhealthy eating habits.

It was then that I realised that I need to get exercising and cut down on my cheese and oils. I had started getting really lazy and piling up fact. That is when I had Indus Health Plus approach me to get a full body health check up which we also know as a preventive health check up. This health check up is an intense one and you need to spend one whole day at the hospital for all your tests to finish. It tells you what you need to do and what measures need to be taken in order to live a healthy lifestyle. I was given options to choose between Apollo hospital and Vikram Hospitals. I chose Vikram because it was closer to home.

Ideally I would recommend everyone to take these tests once you are 30, but in today's scenario, this needs to be taken at 25 once, 35, and next at 50. This covers all your ages and keeps you informed about your health.

We were adviced to go for the Essential Heart Checkup that consisted of 53 tests(now you know why you need a whole day to spare). This costs you Rs 15,000 normally, but Indus is offering the same for only Rs 7676/-

These are the tests that we took:

An explanation of what each test is.

Post this I had a counselling session with the Doctor who asked me about my general health and family history of illnesses. The doctor was extremely nice and explained to me what parameters I need to concentrate on and what I need to do to continue staying healthy.

Luckily my tests were all normal and I do not have any abnormal levels of any life threatening diseases.

Again, I would suggest everyone to take up these tests atleast once in life so that you avoid major illnesses and trips to multiple doctors.

More details on the packages can be found here

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Take a trip to Arabia at the Ritz Carlton

The Ritz Carlton Bangalore in association with Air Arabia flew down one of the best chefs from Ritz Carlton Dubai Rami Alkmat for the Taste of Arabia food festival that is on from the 14th to the 17th of this month.

When you talk about Arabic food, you usually associate it with Lebanese delicacies. But there is more to it. That is why you ought to attend this festival to tickle your taste buds.

Chef Rami Alkmat joined the Ritz- Carlton, Dubai at the pre-opening phase of its all-new Shorooq wing. He was a wonderful host throughout the evening with a tinge of humor and full of liveliness. His passion towards food clearly reflected in the delicacies that were served for the evening.

I was there to try the same the other day and the first thing that makes you rave about the hospitality at the Ritz is each of us had a personalised menu with our names on it. Mediterranean food is usually very filling. A lot of their dishes have passed on to the Indian culture all thanks to the Mughal period. Like what chef mentioned to us, the dal makhani, what we call it our own in the north, is actually an Arabic dish called Harrak Espoo. So the flavours, essentially the same, have been tweaked through generations.

We started off with a spiced tea that literally brought me back to life after a long tiring day at work. It smelt like it had mint and camphor in it, toped with walnuts. One sip was enough!

Every meal starts off with appetisers, this was no different. We were served a Mezze Platter with different kinds of hummus and tahini. One made with beetroot, other brinjal, one with nuts. Each of it had a distinctive flavour and texture that made it unique in itself. There was the traditional falafel, shawarma rolls, and Pita bread.

While I was at that, I wondered what a lentil soup would taste like and how is it prepared. When it actually came on to my plate, I had gulped it down before the others had finished half of their chicken soups. It was truly amazing. It was the right amount of spice and flavour. Nice texture that wasn't too watery or thick.

The chef then presented a very different looking dish. He called it the Falafel and Chickpeas Fatta. A pretty unusual name, but cracker of a dish. It was probably cooked in butter, had yoghurt in it mixed with chickpeas( kabuki channa) and chilli power sprinkled. The first two spoons seemed a little bland, but it grew on me. The taste of butter with falafel and yoghurt is "Marhaba" ;)

The main course was a nice spread of Arabic dishes that were to be eaten with Naan or roti. Along with the buffet, we had grilled vegetables too, which I kind of missed because of a confusion.
The vegetable sides in the buffet could have tasted better I feel. Everything was too dry and no gravy. The non vegetarian options were gravy based.

But can any meal ever be done with just this? There has to be a happy ending to it!!! Chef Rami had a trick up his sleeve and gave us a dessert that goes on to my list of must try, must make desserts.

The desert, was a bread pudding, but the Egyptian way. The recipe to make this is simple, you need a croissant that needs to soaked in milk and rose water, which is then topped with heavy cream and then baked! Insane amount of calories, but top notch taste! No matter what you do, dont miss this.

That was well my foodietrail at the Taste of Arabia festival brought it Ritz Carlton all thanks to Air Arabia. This is on till the 17th and is not to be missed.