Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thai Therapies at JW

Last week was pretty hectic. Had been travelling around and shuttling between places promoting my film. I needed a break! Call it perfect timing or a coincidence, but I was invited by JW Marriott to try out their all new Thai Therapies at Spa by JW.

The Thai Therapies are part of a month long celebration of JW's Thai festival where one can go relax and unwind. They have Authentic Thai massages that will help you relieve all your tensions, stress and make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Once I reached JW, I was asked by Mr Manish, who manages Spa to choose the kind of therapy that I wanted to undergo. I could choose from the THai Fusion Massage, Royal FOur Hand, Traditional Thai Massage and Deep Renewal Massage. The massages varied in time. A couple were 90 minute therapies and a couple 60 minute ones.

The massage experience, as the expert therapist from Thailand helps restore your inner well-being. One feels at ease as you allow yourself to distress to an array of treatments at the Spa by JW, specifically tailored to provide holistic wellness not only of the mind, but for body and soul as well. I went ahead and chose the Thai Fusion Massage, as suggested by Manish. It was a serene experience I would say. The music was calm, the therapist was great. By the end of 90 minutes, I was completely refreshed and ready to take on the world again and couldn't feel any pain in my body. I was given a nice tea before and after the massage that added to my entire experience there.

All I would say is, lose yourself to the ecstasy of authentic Thai techniques that create a holistic healing experience through deep stretching and rhythmic compression. Indulge in the unique sensory experience of synchronised movements of the therapists blended with soothing aromatic oils.

Personalized to your needs, the massages help relieve chronic muscle tension allowing free movement of Qi energy throughout your body.

These therapies are attractively priced between INR 3200 to INR 9500 for 60 minute to 90 minute sessions treat yourself to the indulgence you deserve, allowing you to escape, unwind and revitalise at the Spa by JW.

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