Thursday, April 30, 2015

249 is all you need!

California Pizza Kitchen, the awesome guys who make the tastiest pizzas, launched a brand new offer that allows you to have their mouth watering range of 9" Pizzas, an appetizer and a beverage for only Rs 249. That is it!!!

So we as we usually do, got to go and check out the all new range of 9" pizzas and salads. Patrons can choose from a variety of below mentioned pizzas throughout Monday to Friday at only 249. Beat that!
These are the newly introduced pizzas:
  • Apollo Pizza
  • Tijuana Chicken Pizza
  • Spicy Cilantro Pizza (Veg and Non- Veg)
  • Kasundi Paneer Pizza
  • Rustica 
  • Capriciossa (Veg and Non- Veg)
The pizzas I don't have to say that again, but have a distinctive taste of their own. They aren't what you usually get. That is what I enjoy. 

We started off with the Spicy Cilantro Pizza and the Pesto Pizza in the Vegetarian ones. Trust me, I haven't had a pesto pizza before but this was out of the world. Simple yet so tasty. The flavours of parmesan and pesto hit us right back in the mouth and that is good. 

The Cilantro Pizza was good too. Had a nice tinge of Cilantro and olives on it.Tasted like an authentic pizza. I love thin Crust pizzas and these are thin crust. So I loved them more. 

I did not quite nejoy the Kasundi Paneer Pizza. Not for my pallete.

You come to CPK and dont eat desserts? That ain't gonna happen. We ordered the Red Velevt Cake, Tiramisu, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Chocolate Banana Cake. What happened next? Plates were clean as a slate!! 

Check the pictures for more: (Pics: Suman Prasad)


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thai Therapies at JW

Last week was pretty hectic. Had been travelling around and shuttling between places promoting my film. I needed a break! Call it perfect timing or a coincidence, but I was invited by JW Marriott to try out their all new Thai Therapies at Spa by JW.

The Thai Therapies are part of a month long celebration of JW's Thai festival where one can go relax and unwind. They have Authentic Thai massages that will help you relieve all your tensions, stress and make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Once I reached JW, I was asked by Mr Manish, who manages Spa to choose the kind of therapy that I wanted to undergo. I could choose from the THai Fusion Massage, Royal FOur Hand, Traditional Thai Massage and Deep Renewal Massage. The massages varied in time. A couple were 90 minute therapies and a couple 60 minute ones.