Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spaghetti Kitchen on your plate

A couple of weeks back, I was invited to try out the new Make your Own pasta festival at the Spaghetti Kitchen outlet in Koramangla, opposite Forum Mall.

I decided to go in the afternoon because I can't really eat much in the evenings. The Spaghetti Kitchen is part of the Pan India Food Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Blue Foods) which commenced its operations in Mumbai in 2000 and fast expanded its orbit covering other major cities across India. Being one of the lead players in the organized retail-food business in India, Blue Foods operates in the food & beverage segments with its lead brands– Spaghetti Kitchen, Copper Chimney, Bombay blue Gelato Italiano, Noodle Bar, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and food courts- Spoon and Foodtalk.

Starting off, I was asked to choose my choice of beverage, and I went on to have wine, that was being served with the Make your Own Pasta festival.One can never go wrong with wine and pasta.

I started off with the appetizers that were recommended to me. First came in the Bruschettas which had three differnet toppings. The first, a aubergine pine nut, second a tomato salsa and the third a mushroom cream one. I had totally forgotten that even vegetarian food had so many options and variations. The bruschettas were perfect to start my lunch with.

Next came in the cheesy baby potatoes. You could ask anyone who knows me, about how I look at a person when he recommends any dish that has cheese in it. "Bring it on" were my exact words! Exactly 10 minutes later, about 200 meters away I could smell my dish coming closer and closer! I mean have a look at their dish. There is so much cheesee!!! The potatoes were perfectly baked and with a little bit of pepper over it, I wanted to end my lunch right there.

But! I was there for the Pasta. Immediately came the alfredo pasta with Farfalle and loads of veggies. Well after all it was make your own pasta festival so I chose to add lots of brocollis, olives and cheeeesee!!!

I had also heard that Spaghetti Kitchen makes some awesome Raviollis! Hence it was my moment to taste them and I ordered the Aubergine raviolli and I cannot express that all I had heard about the raviollis was true! They were simply lipsmacking!!

Well that was my experience at the Spaghetti Kitchen! If you want to go eat authentic pasta and the tastiest raviollis, you know where to head to!!

Pictures below:

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