Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Get ready to be fit this Summer with GOQii

It has been around 2 weeks since I got my GOQii band, which, I am going to use to make myself fit and slim and trim! This is the first time around that I am going to use a fitness band. I have never really appreciated the fact that a fitness band can actually help you get fit!

That myth was destroyed after I signed up for the GOQii #BeSummerReady campiagn. Post that, the GOQii has been an integral part of my day to day life. The process to sign up was smooth and easy. Choosing the coach was easier. I had all the info i wanted about my coach. After I chose my coach, I had a pretty nice 20 min chat with my coach who set a monthly target for this month and we also discussed on how I would execute my plan.

I am a total lazy guy! Trust me. All I need is food, sleep and I am sorted. I badly need someone to motivate me and push me to exercise. Thanks to Amee, my coach, I am all pumped up to exercise and get fit.

The GOQii comes with a 3,6 and a 12 month subscription and the pricing is very reasonable. The band is great, doesnt stick to your skin nor does it make you sweat. It tracks my sleep, activity, calories perfectly and syncs with the app almost seamlessly.

I will be regularly updating my journey towards getting fit with the GOQii, keep watching this space for more.

Get ready to #BeSummerReady with GOQii


  1. hi,
    i wanna know what happens when the 3month plan expires?

    1. you only lose subscription to the coach. but your goqii still continues to work and sync with the app