Monday, March 30, 2015

A new life beckons #StartANewLife

In my last post, you read on how I embarked on my journey towards fame, glamour by jumping into acting in films. What more could I write on next other than starting a new life, a new journey.

We often go through periods where you just feel you need to press the reset button and start life afresh. Pity that life doesn't really have such a thing. We are all like trains on a journey, but our destination is unknown. We get in to the grind due to varied compulsions but after a point, we cannot take it any further. You need that fire in you burning to start and do what you always wanted to. We saw this in the movie 3 idiots post which a lot of us were inspired to do what we always wanted.

It is easy to say, follow your dreams, but hard to do. Any one would love to be paid to travel, eat etc, but only if that too was easy. Similarly people think the job that I do, that is Acting must be a cake walk. After all what do we do? Just go there and act! I so wish it was like that, all of us would then be competing agaisnt the Big B and SRK.

I left my day job and started doing films. I acted in one and started on a journey full of uncertainities a new life where I could touch new heights, and face new challenges. It feels wierd. A new journey? probably yes, but are all the things new? No! Yet it is a new life, a second chance where I will go on to do what others dont. I will go on to do what I love doing and do other things simultaneously. I may fall and rise, but there will be no one to blame for it. I shall stand tall and work hard to make it count, because we have one life, not everybody gets a second innings, so make it large.

It gets embarrassing for my family to admit that I am playing around with my life unlike the millions in the country who are doing what they are doing with out their will. Atleast, I am happy. I have started working towards changing my outlook and my only aim is to make sure, you sitting there and reading this aren't doing what you do, reluctantly. If you do, then let us hope that even you get a scond chance and get to #StartANewLife

For all the people who want to #StartANewLife but are afraid of the change, always remember change is good, positive and refreshing. It signifies that you are moving forward, living better, and giving yourselves the chance to be the best you can possibly be.

A brilliant concept by will give a better perspective to #StartANewLife. Watch the video below:

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  1. Lovely! Strangely to do what you love you would need courage , to leave the safe-secured job and take that risk to be happy ! It's amazing to see u have taken that risk ..