Saturday, February 7, 2015

Try a little new at Tangerine

What do you do, when a restaurant you are asked to review serves dishes that are your favourites, with out you asking for them, and they actually taste the best? 
So last week I was invited to try Tangerine, a Multi-Cuisine Fine Dining Restaurant at this very lesser known hotel called the Davanam Sarovar Portico Suites. It was only after I reached there, I realised how ignorant I was about my city. The hotel is beautiful and can be easily missed if you don't know where it is. 

We were escorted to the 4th floor which houses Tangerine and met Mr Biju, who is the manager over there. We were given a quick introduction and a tour around the property before we met Chef  

Mr Biju told us that they had many regular Japanese clients and hence decided to introduce a very niche Japanese menu only for them called Fukusuke. The japanese dishes as explained by the chef are very simple and utmost care is taken to keep them true to their original tastes. 
The ambience was really nice and calm. It had a very relaxing effect which let me tell you can make you eat more!!! At the end of it all, Suman and I would have happily taken a room and slept there had it been a weekend.

The allday fine-dining restaurant offers well spread buffet and scrumptious a-la-carte selection along with a well-stocked bar offering some of the finest Indian & international spirits, wines and delectable finger foods. The best of all flavors have been picked by the  chef to provide a unique culinary experience.

One really nice thing that the Chef mentioned to us was that at Tangerine, the diner can request the chef to add personalized flavor to one’s dish to ensure a  gastronomical Experience. And he also told us that unlike the 3 course or 5 course meals served else where, Tangerine believes in a 7 course meal that fills your stomach adequately. This is something you only experience in restaurants abroad.

We were first served with Sushi, to give us that Japanese experience. I am a vegetarian as you all know, and sushi isn't really a dish for vegetarians. Yet you have variants of it to make veg sushi and that is what I was served. Along with it was Wasabi and pickled sweet ginger. Mind you, a little extra Wasabi on your sushi can literally throw your senses off gear. But thankfully I had ginger to bring that effect down immediately. 

I ordered for a cocktail and I was served with the Dark Night first, which was a guava and rum based mix. Tasted yum!

After Sushi, we were served the Corn and Cheese Croquettes, Wasabi Chicken Tikka and Tomato Brushetta. The Corn and Cheese Croquettes was one of the best I have had. The corn kernels inside were nice and juicy and cheese was perfect too. The Brushetta has a strong flavour of basil and that made its flavour stand out. 

Moving from appetizers, we were served Salads. I was served the Caesar salad and Suman was served the Garden green salad. I am a big sucker for salads and so you should know that when a bowl of salad is served to me, it will not last for more than 3 minutes. 

Favourites upon favourites, I was served the Mushroom and Thyme Soup, (cue for mouth watering). Ah, I can still remember the taste of it. Light fragrance of thyme and cream of mushrooms. Slurrrrpp!!!

Moving to the next course, we had Pasta waiting. I am sure you guys must be going "Dude how much are you going to stuff? Aren't you like full already?". Well honestly after the pastas we were. I got the Penne Arabiatta, the tomato based spicy pasta, while Suman was served prawns and spaghetti. 

Main Course consisted of Hing ke Tadkey wali dal, Paneer lababdar, Chicken tikka masala, Dal Makhni, Motiya(Sabudana) Pulav, Warqi Paratha and Til Mater ki Roti. 

The paneer lababdar had a really unique taste to it. It wasn't what you get to eat here. It had a very Delhi kind of a taste to it. So did the Chicken Tikka Masala, which Suman pointed out. The Chef explained that the tastes are true to what we get in the north of India and not the south Indianised version that we get here. 

The motiya pulav tasted really good with the dal makhni, which is a personal favourite. 

Last up... and this was the moment when Suman and I really wanted to sleep. We were so full with the food, that anything more and we would have passed out. But Biju and the Chef had something else in mind.

Rolling through the kitchen doors came 3 trays that carried 3 different deserts. One, death by chocolate( not your usual DBC), second... GULAB JAMUN CHEESECAKE!! and lastly CHOCOLATE JALEBI!!!!

I shall let the pictures do the talking because I do not have words to describe the deserts. I am dead serious about that! The best EVAAARR!


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