Sunday, February 1, 2015

The ASUS-IndiBlogger meet 2015 experience

The last friday of the first month of 2015, and a couple of us who have been blogging since so long were really excited. Some of you knew, some didnt. It was the ASUS-Indiblogger meet. The first meet that had happened in Bangalore after a long long time.

We had got the invites a while back and there were murmurs doing rounds about the whole meet. Voila, one day before the meet the awesome team at IndiBlogger sent in an email telling us what to expect from them. Obviously we couldnt contain because we had missed the whole team.

It was great to Renee, Vineet, Anup the masterminds behind IndiBlogger and also that they hadn't forgotten us. Hehe.

The meet started off with us getting to see a totally new avatar of Anup as Anup the Rockstar. A heavy metal performance that announced the start of the event was followed by a wonderful game that allowed us to meet and know a lot of new faces in the room. 15 minutes later, we knew most of the people in the room. And guess who won?? Meeeee!!!

Next came in David from ASUS, who ran us through the different specs and configurations of their new AIO(All-in-One) range of notebooks and convertible PCs. I must say the pricing is really competitive.

Next up, winners were announced for the twitter contest, where we had to tweet, be witty and tell them what the simplest way was to go "Sleeek".

The winning tweet was "The simplest way to #gosleeekASUSexperience is to try and fit my self into this hashtag." Do you want to know who tweeted this?? Look no further, because you are reading his post right now :P

So all in all, I went back home with 2 Vouchers from IndiBlogger and I hope to win more for the last contest, which I shall post about later.

Thanks IndiBlogger for organising this awesome meet. Hope to see you guys soon.

Pictures from the meet:

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