Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chocolaty OS 2.0 coming your way!

As I was leaving for office today, I got a call from a courier delivery guy asking me for directions to my house. I wondered what it could have been. It wasn't any phone for review, nor was it any other product. Anxious, I waited for him to deliver it to me.

When I got the package, it looked like this.

When opened, it looked like this!!!

Surprised? Well let me tell you what this may be. You will then be as clueless as I was. Apparently the Bon6 runs on Chocolaty OS 2.0. Weird, aint it? But it is true. It runs on absolutely on the smooth Chocolaty OS 2.0 and has a lot of other features too. I cannot wait to tell you guys!!

If you are smart enough, try guessing what it could be. Else, wait for my next post and do follow my tweets for clues!!

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