Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The White Elephant is in town!

Thai food in Bangalore is really hard to find. And if we get on to finding authentic Thai? It gets harder!

When we were invited to visit The White Elephant located on 100ft road Indiranagar, little did we know that we will come out with our tummies happy. The last time I had lipsmacking Thai food was at Benjarong, and now I have to say there is some competition. In my last post you did read that I had one of the best Thai curries at Hokey Cokey.

Once in the restaurant, it has got a very nice feel to it. The seating and overall ambience makes you feel relaxed and ready for a meal.

First up came the drinks which were very different looking. would you in your wildest dreams ever have a milk shake with soda in it? I dont think so. I wouldnt. But here they tasted so good that you wouldn't mind ordering it again. The others were normal alcoholic cocktails you would see at any other restaurant.

Starting first we had Babycorn tossed with Thai Chilli Paste served in Thai Tartlets. This was a very unique tasting Vegetarian dish. I was left wanting for more! But then we had tomove on! we next had Manfrang Tod Samros which is crispy fried potatoes in tri flavour sauce. This particularly was something which we have at many oriental restaurants but tastier.

We moved on to tasting some salads and tried out the Noodle Salad that was on the offing. This is particularly a very Thai specific dish and having the whole of it makes your tummy really happy.

Jumping on to main course the Chej had something special and made for us dishes waiting. He had garlic fried Brocolli and Asparagus, along with flat noodles and jasmine rice. To go with the rice we ordered some lemon grass flavoured Red Thai curry.

I just told you how much I love a good Thai Curry. Do I have to go on to describe what happened after that?

Moving to the deserts we had deep fried Banana with Honey and sesame seeds. We had two full servings of it! This coupled with jackfruit flavoured ice creams.

In the start I told you we came out with our tummies happy! Happy Ending!!

BTW if you are there on a saturday, be ready to be surprised! There is a special person waiting there to make your night so entertaining that you would walk out with "Ten Million Dollars" ;) 

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