Tuesday, December 9, 2014

T-Box- The newest and probably the best SMS client on Droid

I have been reviewing this new app called T-Box on my android device since a month. T-Box is an SMS app that replaces your native messaging app and transforms your Inbox into something totally interactive and different from your normal apps.

T-Box is like Gmail for your SMS inbox. It intelligently filters SMS's present in your inbox and segregates them into which are personal and which are promotional. Infact you can create any number of filters and sort your inbox to make it look organised and clean.

The Smart inbox by T-Box is a revlutionary app for your inbox. Incase you have withdrawn money from ATM's it tracks those particular SMSes and helps you even get an account of how much money you have spent. It actually is helpful. Else on a normal messaging app I wouldnt have figured that out. This also does your tracking of other services. For example if you make a filter for movie tickets, when you go into it, it will have your movie tickets set. Similarly for any filter that you make.

TBox creates a better SMS experience for you by:
  • Cleaning up your SMS inbox
  • Intelligently organizing your messages
  • Securing your messages
  • Saving time by doing all the above which you would have done yourself!
You can use TBox to:
  • Send and/or receive SMS messages - it fully integrates with your contacts
  • Organize your SMS messages - it automatically categorizes your messages as business or personal. Additionally, it tags your messages based on the sender and has a different tab for each of them such as banks, shopping etc
  • Add custom categories - you can add and define your own tab
  • Add custom tags - you can add tags to each message
  • Secure your messages - you can secure a category by making it password-protected. When you make a category secure, messages can be viewed only after entering a valid pin
  • Take a backup of your messages
  • Block and filter unwanted messages and spam
  • Chat for FREE with another TBOX use.
It also allows you to create a community amongst T-Box users to review any restaurant or movie or so and put it up so that it is helpful for others.

What I did not really like about this app was that it sent out a link at the end of the message "sent via T-Box". I wouldn't really like seeing that if I am sending an important message to someone.

Screenshots of the App below.

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