Sunday, December 14, 2014

Have you taken #TheRedDare?

I have fond memories of brushing my teeth at unsual places. As A kid, when ever we went on a trip with family, we would usually end up brushing on roads, roadside dhabas, bakeries and what not. That was when we were kids. After we grew up it became a little intimidating and embarrassing to do such things.

The fear of people staring at you, giving you that disapproving look got to you. The last I brushed in an unusual place was on a train! Nothing more bizzare than that I guess. It was when we got the Dabur #TheRedDare, I was a little confused. I wasn't sure what I was to do. The letter said I was the chosen one to complete the dare and it had cue cards on the places where I could complete the dare.

So what was the dare about? #TheRedDare is a crazy dare where you have to go into any unusual crowded place and brush your teeth. Scary? It definitely is. To get rid of my fear, I took it up. If sachin can take a broom and clean the country, I can atleast brush my teeth for a challenge in an unusual place!

I took my Dabur Red Toothpaste and went over to Mantri Mall over here and took up my challenge. I nominated 7 of my friends who are Brinda Rajpopat, Janvi Rajpopat, Dixit Bhatt, Vinay Kashyap, Pawan Jaiswal, Suman Prasad and Tulika Bhandary to take this up and have some fun.

The minute I started brushing my teeth, which you will see in the video, a couple of people were surprised as to what the hell was going on! I saw this kid continuously staring at me giving me a stare and it wasnt easy. I would like to thank Dabur India for choosing me to take up this challenge. Watch my video and if you want to take up this challenge, all you have to do is,  

Send a message to +91 9910818814. This is the special Whatsapp number wherein people can send in the message and ask for #TheRedDare box

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