Monday, November 17, 2014

The latest gastropub in town- Hokey Cokey

Hokey cokey, what comes to your mind when you hear it? Something fun and different. That is what it perfectly is. Staying true to its nature, Koramangla has a new GastroPub that has the right ambience and looks great too.

I had the pleasure of visiting the place within a month of its opening and I must say, I havent seen so many people in any pubs, within one month of its launch! Two thumbs up for you guys. They have a wonderful elevated Dance Floor with the DJ around making sure you dont keep bumping into people sitting below. Being a roof top pub, the seating is nice and clean, giving ample space between tables.

We were about 6 of us and we were given the choice of ordering any thing from the menu that seemed interesting. First look at the menu, you dont see much for vegetarians but a closer look and you see that its all hidden behind awesome names. The drinks too, my favourite has to be Newton's law. I mean who would call a cocktail Newton's law?? That is the difference here. Initial reviews, it is here to stay.

For the vegetarians we were served corn kernels fried the asian style mixed with spices. I have had fried corn kernels at couple of other pubs, but the chef here has given his own twist which made this dish tastier. Next came the Beirutti Mezze Platter, which is a combination of Lebanese dishes like Hummus, Tabolueh, Falafel and Baba Ghanoush. Pretty much the same as it is had everywhere.

Next we ordered Hokey Cokey Brocolli which is stir fried Brocolli with burnt garlic and red chilli flakes. I personally love brocolli in any form. And this tasted like heaven. The taste of garlic along with the sweetness of the Brocolli was a perfect combination.

Thankfully we reserved the best of the starters for the last. We ordered for Yankee Chilli Fries which are your normal fries in a bowl downed with their "secret" sauce and topped with melted cheese. The best part about this dish was that, even though it had a lot of cheese and sauce over the fries, the fries never became soggy. And that is the thing that stayed with us.

We were later served a thin crust veggie pizza with loads of vegetables on it. First impressions, it was worth it. We finished it up in literally 5 minutes. It was tasty!

We went on to order the Arabian Burger which has a falafel patty with arabian spices and pickles. Honestly we did not enjoy this. We felt it was too dry and had to chew it too much. May be next time we might order something else.

For the main course, on veg, we ordered triple Schezwan Rice, which basically was bombay style schezwan rice, noodles and schezwan sauce. Trust me, I thought, the dish couldnt be better than this. But I was surprised when we were served Thai Red Curry with Rice. You need to visit an authentic Thai restaurant to eat Thai curries, but the next time you feel like eating them, try Hokey Cokey. I havent tasted a better Red curry ever. Ah it was spicy to the right amount and sweet too. Perfectly balanced.

Chef Naveen who headed the creation of all these delicacies was a shy man. He was overwhelmed when we told him that we hadn't enjoyed these dishes before as much as we enjoyed them at Hokey Cokey.

So if you have an evening to chill, hang out with friends and want to eat good food, Hokey Cokey should be the place to be.

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