Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Honda Amaze Longest Drive- Truly Amazing!

Honda’s new campaign for Amaze has garnered quite a popular response from travel fanatics. In one-of-its kind campaign, Honda decided to test its new Amaze in the vast terrains of India, gliding it past various landscapes and topography. In order to further promote it, Honda had organized a meet-up for its curious customers and bloggers, recently in Oberoi, Bengaluru. There was a large turnout at the event and all the guests were received to a warm welcome by the Honda representatives.
The slideshow presentation started off with a thanking note by Honda on how grateful they were in making this campaign a huge success already. We were then showcased all the achievements that the Amaze car has completed on its Longest Drive quest. The journey flagged off on 15th of September in Jodhpur and has already completed close to 20000 km. Their total aim is to complete a minimum of 23000 km by the end of the journey. The facts and figures left everyone in awe as this is something everyone dreams of doing it at least once in their lifetime. And to have a fabulous car like Amaze to accompany you, nothing could have been better for those undertaking this expedition.
Highlights of the presentation included pictures and videos of Honda Amaze in various seen as well as unseen parts of our beautiful country. It braved the dusty, uneven terrains, without any breakdowns, making it evident for prospective customers that this car is for practically everyone. Add to that the best-of-class mileage that Amaze offers, both in petrol as well as diesel variant, this car is miles ahead in the competition.
Some of the lucky ones got a first-hand chance to experience this engineering beauty, as we got to ride this car for around 10-15 minutes within Bengaluru itself. The car is a sheer class apart when it comes to city roads. It left us wondering how good it’ll perform in some of the roads that the slideshow previously displayed. The comfort, the interior, supreme performance, all added to our bliss. The campaign is not yet over. So if you want to know what it feels to pack your bags and drive around India in a beautiful car, you can head onto and follow live updates and watch how Amaze never ceases to amaze you.

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