Friday, October 17, 2014

OktoberFest all around!

It is the month of October and where are my Beers? Oh well dammit I know I cannot drink. While you guys can, go drinking and have fun, but drink responsibly.

While the whole of Munich goes into party mood, Bangalore isn't sitting quiet. We have some amazing breweries getting ready to make sure they are prepared for the mad rush. One such Brewery we went to was Barleyz at Koramangla.

They have their special Oktoberfest menu with yum beer flavours and lipsmacking food. We started off with a tour of the brewery. we were lucky enough because it stopped raining for that brief period.
For someone like me who has been a beer "guzzler" it was a pity I could not really drink much due to illness. But I loved the Special Brew that these guys had in their menu. I would rate that the best. Go try it. You will agree.

Next came in the food that we had been waiting for. Plenty of vegetarian options we had and they were YUM. I must compliment them for their Paneer. Soft and smooth and it was holding on to the flavours really well. Check out my pictures. You will want to gobble them up immediately.

Thanks to Burrp! we had some fun guessing the history of the Oktoberfest. And how could a beer lover like me lose :P *wink wink*. Nonetheless if you cannot go to The Great Indian Octoberfest happening this weekend then you can go to Barleyz enjoy some special dishes, available all through this month.

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