Friday, October 31, 2014

Buyer aur Seller ka Perfect Match!!!

You must have seen these Advertisements running on Television by Quikr that go with the tagline " Buyer aur Seller ka Perfect Match". Well so I set off on my journey to find and buy something that I had been looking to buy. Rather than searching on these classifieds that come in newspaper I downloaded the Quikr app on my phone and setup my account. It didnt take long for me to set it up because years ago when Quikr was still new, I had created an account and attempted to sell things on it. And because it was still in its nascent stages no one really bought what I had to sell. This time around I was determined to get what I wanted!!

Lets get into a bit of a flashback. We had an IFB Washing Machine that we used until it "died". And we were then stuck with no Washing Machine and had to immediately look for alternatives to wash our clothes. My mother was insistent that we go for another front loading machine itself because it apparently washed clothes better than a top loading washing machine. Now I dont really get what difference it made. Women know such things better, so you better not argue regarding this. I mean if it was any gadget, say a Mobile or so, I would have had my preferences too. So i did not question here much. After desperately looking for various models and brands, we figured that buying a new one right then would cost us a lot and we could buy it in a couple of months. That is when I looked up on Quikr for options of "Front Loading washing Machines"

There were a lot of options and we wanted something that would last us for a month or two until we bought a brand new machine! My mother wanted me to get this done as soon as possible and quick. Well when the Supreme Court orders something you pretty well have to do it.

I went through a lot of ads and I somehow did not like the machines that were there. Some were too old and some were worn out. If you are buying something, even though for a temporary use, it has to look good. I shortlisted some sellers and started calling them. A few of them said they had been booked and some said they werent interested any more, and a few of them said they would call me back and they did, but asking for higher prices that what they had quoted. Ugh people can be greedy!  Disappointed I thought I would restart my search the next day.

I resumed my search in the morning and saw that a lady had posted an ad to sell her 3 year old washing machine. She had posted her phone number and I asked my mother to call. It is better for the women to deal with each other and ask queries they want to. Satisfied with the descriptionwe decided to fix a day to meet her and finalize things.

That aunty mentioned that they were moving out of the city and were de cluttering all the items that they had. She did not want to keep any such heavy items which would cost her a bomb to take out of the city. She lived with her husband and had two young kids. the machine though 3 years old was barely utilized and so decided to sell it off.

She also mentioned that she had got a number of queries since the time she posted and thanks to true caller she was able to filter out callers. She even explained how some scrap dealer called her and bargained with her heavily asking almost half the price she quoted. We were lucky that she didnt filter out our call. We then went two days back and met and saw the condition of the machine.

First impressions, we liked that though it was 3 years old, it didnt look so. She had maintained it pretty well and her asking price of Rs. 5500 was justified. We then asked her for a demo of how the machine worked and she walked us through all the controls. My mother who accompanied me to see this was a little sceptical initially, but after she saw the machine working fine she gave her nod. We then sat down to a few negotiations but couldnt really bargain much. We did not push too because it did its job for the price we were buying it for.

We then loaded the machine into a carrier auto and sent it home. I was happy to have solved my mother's tension in a quick span of 3 days. Now she doesnt have to worry about washing clothes with her hand because the machine works like a charm and has been cleaning our clothes pretty well too!

Isiliye to Buyer aur Seller ka perfect Match hai Quikr!!!

The ad listing can be found here

Last but not the least, Thank you BlogAdda for this wonderful opportunity that you gave us along with Quikr.

Here are few pictures of the washing machine at our place!

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