Friday, October 31, 2014

Buyer aur Seller ka Perfect Match!!!

You must have seen these Advertisements running on Television by Quikr that go with the tagline " Buyer aur Seller ka Perfect Match". Well so I set off on my journey to find and buy something that I had been looking to buy. Rather than searching on these classifieds that come in newspaper I downloaded the Quikr app on my phone and setup my account. It didnt take long for me to set it up because years ago when Quikr was still new, I had created an account and attempted to sell things on it. And because it was still in its nascent stages no one really bought what I had to sell. This time around I was determined to get what I wanted!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Grand Regional Finale- Project Aloft Star

-->Aloft® Hotels in July announced the debut of the Asia Pacific edition of Project Aloft Star, in collaboration with MTV. The music talent discovery competition that aimed to identify and support the hottest emerging music artists from China, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. 
The Indian Leg saw the regional finals happening at Aloft, Bangalore on September 26th, where we were invited to witness some amazing singers from different parts of our country battle it out to win the coveted Project ALOFT Star title. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

OktoberFest all around!

It is the month of October and where are my Beers? Oh well dammit I know I cannot drink. While you guys can, go drinking and have fun, but drink responsibly.

While the whole of Munich goes into party mood, Bangalore isn't sitting quiet. We have some amazing breweries getting ready to make sure they are prepared for the mad rush. One such Brewery we went to was Barleyz at Koramangla.