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Game of Blogs- The Escape- Chapter 4

Team FrontRunners
Week #1

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A few years earlier...

There was a photo exhibition in the city where some new photographers had showcased their pictures hoping to sell a few and make some new clients. There was this one lady in the corner, in a brown long skirt, a green spaghetti and glasses. Her hair had been cut short only recently and she felt free. She had a tattoo on her right hand that read "Capture every moment". She was sitting idle, looking at all the people go around, some enquiring about the photographers, some trying to convince prospective clients. It was a mess. Jennifer however did not care. She was just there because the organisers wanted to put up the pictures she clicked as they were the best.

Shekhar never really ventured out for such outings. It was because of Kaveer, an old friend of his, and a renowned photographer wanted to find his next protege, he had to tag along. Sitting at home and writing was what he liked. This made him feel anxious! When they reached there, Kaveer got busy and Shekhar didn't know what to do. He did not observe the pictures as everyone else was. He just strolled around like a kid in a bar. Understanding nothing! But there was something that caught his eye. It was this lady sitting all by herself, playing with her dog tag and casually smiling at people who complimented on her work. He walked up to her and tried starting a conversation. He thought she was his kind. And was sitting there agaisnt her will. Little did he know that, that was going to change his life.

Jennifer had been brought up in the UAE, studied in The Indian School, and returned to Kochi to pursue photography. She was hardly 18, when she chose to take up photography full time. She was given the best of the cameras since childhood, because her father saw it early that she had it in her to be a wonderful photographer. Once in Kochi, she lived in her own apartment and carried her camera everywhere she went. She had this knack of capturing moments that very few could. She was one of the hottest girls in college and there wasnt a man who hadn't tried asking her out. Guys weren't sure what attracted them more, her legs or her eyes. A few flings later, she had one thing decided for sure, she did not want to date men of her age any longer. They were too immature for her. All just wanted to get in bed with her than getting to know her.

"Out of place in this bad bad world?", asked Shekhar.

"Not really, I hate it when I have to sell my work. I am here to capture pictures for myself, my satisfaction. I don't want to sell it to those bald heads!!!" 
"Fuck, I didn't mean that literally, no offence intended", she pleaded to Shekhar.

"Hahaha, none taken lady. This bald head isn't here to buy anything. I was dragged along." 

"Phew Thank God! do?" Jennifer tried to flirt, while playing with her hair.

In her mind, a lot of things were running. Shekhar was this lean bald head with a beard and glasses. He was someone who would have interested her.

"I am a freelance writer, Daddy to a little princess, I like sitting by the window and capture moments through words...", he said.

"That is interesting, what is your princess called?"

"Roohi" , he said while pulling out his phone excitedly and showed pictures of his daughter.

"Awww, she is so cute! Hey listen can I click her pictures? I have been waiting for an opportunity like this. Please don't say No." 

Tara would love this idea, he said to himself. She had wanted to do a photoshoot for Roohi ever since she came into this world, and Jennifer would give them those pictures for free.

"Absolutely, I would love it if you would do that. I mean, I saw your work and I think you would be the perfect one" 

"Alright then, here's my number. Call me when you guys are ready for it" Jennifer said, as her eyes gleamed with excitement and walked away.

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