Friday, September 26, 2014

Game of Blogs- The Escape- Chapter 13

Team- FrontRunners

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Aryan Ahuja had this thing about hanging around notorious gangsters since his teens. There was something that attracted him to them. Was it their lifestyle or their careless life? Probably he too was confused. He wanted it all. The bloodshed gave him an adrenaline rush. There was a don whom he looked up to and it was in his memory that he got a scorpion tattooed on his neck.

He loved guns and had a fetish for them. He collected all the guns that came into his possession and also made sure he bought the latest guns in the market. It did not take him long to climb up the ranks. Soon he was D's right man and called the shots when he could. Everyone around him envied his proximity to D. And he knew he wanted to be where D was and nothing could stop him. At 25, he could make anyone shit in their pants, by those looks that he gave. He had a towering personality, well built body, looked no less than a wrestler.

By 26 he had taken D out of his way and controlled Dubai, Europe and Australia. Mumbai had to obviously come into his hands. He inherited it.

On the other hand was Swami. No body knew if that was his real name. They only called him called him swami and he was often mistaken for a south indian because of the name. He was well built, had good looks and could have easily been a superhit hero if he ever tried. He had completed his engineering and circumstances pushed him into making bombs for D.

He was D's favourite and so got closed to Ahuja too. Together they could bomb any place and vanish without leaving a trace. They were the unbreakable trio that Mumbai feared. There was never an instance where anyone could reate misunderstandings between them. It was maybe because they knew each other so well and never hid anything from anyone.

And then one day...

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