Monday, July 28, 2014

Special Anniversary Celebrations at Sanctum Club

Sanctum Club at Chancery Pavilion completed one year of its existence in the city and to celebrate that, they had a special menu designed for the whole month. The menu consisted of items from its normal menu, and also some of the Chef's own creations.

It was my first visit to the place and I really liked how it opened up to me. It felt as though I was at some big party, with all the Red carpet etc. The minute you walk in, you are greeted with warmth. The lighting and the ambiance can be felt instantly. We were escorted into the "members only" area and given a corner for ourselves. Making sure that we were seated well, we had the manager and Chef Joaquin Albarreal Arjona laid out the whole evening for us. 

The general menu at Sanctum is a product of carefully created flavourful works of art. Choose from a wide selection of Spanish, Mediterranean and Indian dishes and finish your meal on a sweet note of sinfully delicious desserts. With periodic new additions to the menu, the kitchen is constantly innovating at Sanctum. The bar boasts a variety of imported liqueurs with an exclusive selection of single malts, select wines and signature Sanctum cocktails.

The anniversary menu was handed over to us and we had to choose between the options given. I had to choose the vegetarian options for obvious reasons and for the Entree I went with a Broccoli and Almond Espresso. It was Broccoli cream soup with roasted Almonds and Broccoli cookies in the side. I love Broccoli as a vegetable in pastas and salads but having a soup made with it was a first for me. I totally loved the soup and literally gulped it down before it went cold. It left an excellent taste in the mouth and I didnt want to have anything else after that. And that was the Chef's mother's signature recipe.

Next came in the Appetizers, and we were served grilled Aubergine with wild rocket. I am not a fan of wild rocket because of its bitter flavour. Unfortunately, that stayed. I did not quite enjoy this particular dish. If there was a low in the whole evening, it was this. 

For main course, the only vegetarian option was Wild Mushroom Risotto with truffle oil. This apparently was the dish that is ordered the most by customers, and after taking a spoonful, I knew why. It was YUM!!! If licking off the plate was socially acceptable... It was buttery and yum. The taste of the mushroom was just right and the truffle oil did not over take it.

The final part, the desert! We had a White chocolate mousse, Mango filled sphere, Apple fries and Strawberry Ketchup.  The mango filled sphere was the highlight. It had to be gulped whole and when it burst onto your palette, it left a lasting taste of mango. 

With this we stayed around for a while because the music around had taken us to a totally different level. Would like to thank Burrp! for letting us experience this exclusive evening of fun, food and celebrations. 

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