Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Getting Mischevious!

During the IPL season, it is often hard to keep track of anything else because you are only cheering and supporting for your team. 
Royal Challengers Bangalore is the team whom I follow always. They are my favorite team even though they are yet to win the Trophy. Just like me and more than me, there are others who follow my favorite Royal Challengers Bangalore team. They are the White Mischief Girls. They cheer RCB wherever they go and be with the team in Victory or loss.
I got an opportunity this season to interact with them and got a chance to groove along with them, the way they cheer RCB. Thanks to Team Ginger Claps, got an opportunity to spend some time with the White Mischief girls and got to know more about them.

Most of the cheer leaders are students and love traveling and learning cultures across countries. Most of them belong to the Rainbow nation – South Africa. This time, they enjoyed traveling to UAE as well as India as it gave them opportunity to support their team across countries too. 

You can get yourself amongst White Mischief Girls too. Upload your pic and there you go. You will be in the center and dancing along with White Mischief Girls. Hit this link to upload your pic and groove with the girls. – . Do remember that this might not work on mobile.

Here is my video when I actually got to learn a few steps from them. 

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