Friday, July 11, 2014

Forum Mall Koramangla- Night Safari experience

June 20-22 was the weekend when one of the oldest malls in the city, Forum, Koramangla organised a unique fest. It was one of it's kind where the activities started only in the evening and went up till midnight.

Usually we see such fests going on through out the day. And that is where Forum stood out. The Night Safari lived up to its name. The hustle and bustle started off post 7pm and went on till 12am for three whole days.

There were some awesome handicraft stalls put up, artists making some awesome caricatures, your face on mugs, drawn by artists and FOOD!! There were a line of stalls that were serving lipsmacking food and one had choices like chats, rolls, Indian, etc. The crowd too was hysteric being a weekend, it was truly like a safari ride where you would get to see so many things and enjoy.

Apart from this, there were excellent offers on a lot of brands. Some even had flat 50% off on most of their merchandise. It was a shopper's paradise. Imagine a sale of this sorts. How can you not expect women especially to flock the mall?

Post the shopping for my fiance, I had tickets to watch a horror movie as part of the Night Safari. I am normally scared of watching Horror movies alone, but I made an exception and went ahead and watched the late night show. It was scary as hell. I came out white. All thanks to the shrieking I did inside. Shhh...

I seriously hope to see this festival become an annual affair for the mall. It was a fun 3 day fest. Thank you Forum mall for this.

You can check out pictures on my Facebook. 

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