Monday, July 28, 2014

Special Anniversary Celebrations at Sanctum Club

Sanctum Club at Chancery Pavilion completed one year of its existence in the city and to celebrate that, they had a special menu designed for the whole month. The menu consisted of items from its normal menu, and also some of the Chef's own creations.

It was my first visit to the place and I really liked how it opened up to me. It felt as though I was at some big party, with all the Red carpet etc. The minute you walk in, you are greeted with warmth. The lighting and the ambiance can be felt instantly. We were escorted into the "members only" area and given a corner for ourselves. Making sure that we were seated well, we had the manager and Chef Joaquin Albarreal Arjona laid out the whole evening for us. 

The general menu at Sanctum is a product of carefully created flavourful works of art. Choose from a wide selection of Spanish, Mediterranean and Indian dishes and finish your meal on a sweet note of sinfully delicious desserts. With periodic new additions to the menu, the kitchen is constantly innovating at Sanctum. The bar boasts a variety of imported liqueurs with an exclusive selection of single malts, select wines and signature Sanctum cocktails.

The anniversary menu was handed over to us and we had to choose between the options given. I had to choose the vegetarian options for obvious reasons and for the Entree I went with a Broccoli and Almond Espresso. It was Broccoli cream soup with roasted Almonds and Broccoli cookies in the side. I love Broccoli as a vegetable in pastas and salads but having a soup made with it was a first for me. I totally loved the soup and literally gulped it down before it went cold. It left an excellent taste in the mouth and I didnt want to have anything else after that. And that was the Chef's mother's signature recipe.

Next came in the Appetizers, and we were served grilled Aubergine with wild rocket. I am not a fan of wild rocket because of its bitter flavour. Unfortunately, that stayed. I did not quite enjoy this particular dish. If there was a low in the whole evening, it was this. 

For main course, the only vegetarian option was Wild Mushroom Risotto with truffle oil. This apparently was the dish that is ordered the most by customers, and after taking a spoonful, I knew why. It was YUM!!! If licking off the plate was socially acceptable... It was buttery and yum. The taste of the mushroom was just right and the truffle oil did not over take it.

The final part, the desert! We had a White chocolate mousse, Mango filled sphere, Apple fries and Strawberry Ketchup.  The mango filled sphere was the highlight. It had to be gulped whole and when it burst onto your palette, it left a lasting taste of mango. 

With this we stayed around for a while because the music around had taken us to a totally different level. Would like to thank Burrp! for letting us experience this exclusive evening of fun, food and celebrations. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Forum Mall Koramangla- Night Safari experience

June 20-22 was the weekend when one of the oldest malls in the city, Forum, Koramangla organised a unique fest. It was one of it's kind where the activities started only in the evening and went up till midnight.

Usually we see such fests going on through out the day. And that is where Forum stood out. The Night Safari lived up to its name. The hustle and bustle started off post 7pm and went on till 12am for three whole days.

There were some awesome handicraft stalls put up, artists making some awesome caricatures, your face on mugs, drawn by artists and FOOD!! There were a line of stalls that were serving lipsmacking food and one had choices like chats, rolls, Indian, etc. The crowd too was hysteric being a weekend, it was truly like a safari ride where you would get to see so many things and enjoy.

Apart from this, there were excellent offers on a lot of brands. Some even had flat 50% off on most of their merchandise. It was a shopper's paradise. Imagine a sale of this sorts. How can you not expect women especially to flock the mall?

Post the shopping for my fiance, I had tickets to watch a horror movie as part of the Night Safari. I am normally scared of watching Horror movies alone, but I made an exception and went ahead and watched the late night show. It was scary as hell. I came out white. All thanks to the shrieking I did inside. Shhh...

I seriously hope to see this festival become an annual affair for the mall. It was a fun 3 day fest. Thank you Forum mall for this.

You can check out pictures on my Facebook. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Gionee updates the S5.5 to Android Kitkat 4.4

Well the news is out, Gionee is updating its flagship, the S5.5 to the latest Android and soon other phones too. It is good to see that a company is atleast making an effort to offer its consumers the latest versions, when other companies are just rolling out phones with 4.2 every other day.

More on the update of the S5.5:

The Over-The-Air software update for Gionee ELife S5.5 will allow its users to download and install the new software with ease.
The new Android KitKat version is a big development for Gionee and will offer simpler, faster and more intuitive ways to use the device with a host of new features for seamless user facilities. The ELife S5.5 is set for a revamp in terms of its user interface, applications and layout. With the new user interface design there will be enhanced features like an updated Amigo paper and game zone, wall papers application, improved security and more. 

Few of the features are listed below-
-       All new desktop layout
-       Updated Amigo Paper with a brand new user interface
-       Removed the world cricket champion game
-       Added Du speed booster for faster operations
-       Gaming – The game zone is updated with a new user interface design which will allow better control of the gaming apps
-       Updated GioneeXender for optimized performance which will allow high speed transfer of files. This will further improve the linking success rate
-       Updated UC browser will make the device more responsive and will improve the page loading effects
-       Updated NQ Mobile Security  for better protection of your phone
-       Updated Kingsoft WPS will be a great support for office worker and students as it will improve work and study related operations
-       Updated map with only one entrance into the main menu
The Gionee ELife S5.5 users can gear up to enjoy the all new KitKat version which comes in with a lot of promise for a better and enhanced experience. The Gionee CTRL V5 has already got the KitKat update and the coming weeks would also see few other Gionee devices including the ELife E7 getting upgraded to Android KitKat.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Getting Mischevious!

During the IPL season, it is often hard to keep track of anything else because you are only cheering and supporting for your team. 
Royal Challengers Bangalore is the team whom I follow always. They are my favorite team even though they are yet to win the Trophy. Just like me and more than me, there are others who follow my favorite Royal Challengers Bangalore team. They are the White Mischief Girls. They cheer RCB wherever they go and be with the team in Victory or loss.
I got an opportunity this season to interact with them and got a chance to groove along with them, the way they cheer RCB. Thanks to Team Ginger Claps, got an opportunity to spend some time with the White Mischief girls and got to know more about them.

Most of the cheer leaders are students and love traveling and learning cultures across countries. Most of them belong to the Rainbow nation – South Africa. This time, they enjoyed traveling to UAE as well as India as it gave them opportunity to support their team across countries too. 

You can get yourself amongst White Mischief Girls too. Upload your pic and there you go. You will be in the center and dancing along with White Mischief Girls. Hit this link to upload your pic and groove with the girls. – . Do remember that this might not work on mobile.

Here is my video when I actually got to learn a few steps from them.