Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rediscover your self

It was last year that straight after my college I walked into a job that I wasnt particularly excited about but had to take up. I worked there for 6 months before I was offered what I have always wanted to do. Acting. I quit my day job and took up an uncertain work where I never knew where life would take me.

I started acting in a full length feature film, that is due to release soon, but during that one month when I shot for my film, I started discovering things that I never knew about myself. It was during that, I realised that I can be really good in putting up a straight face and act comical, but at the same time suck at romance on screen.

While I have been waiting for the film to release I have also discovered things that I never knew I would do. A few are:
1. Photography is a passion I want to take up seriously
2. I enjoy acting more than direction.
3. I can make some awesome salads and eat them too.
4. Cooking never seemed better. I have enjoyed cooking up a meal for myself and my loved ones.
5. I have developed a strong liking for pets. Dogs especially. Though I cannot really bring home a dog, I wish I could.
6. I got engaged and life seems to have changed a lot. I have gotten more serious in life!
7. Travelling now tops my charts and I look for any opportunity that will allow me to travel anywhere and discover new places.

I still am discovering and will update this list as and when I can but, my soul searching is still on. I need to rekindle my passion for poetry, art and many more things. As of now, it is all lying dormant. Waiting for the next wave.
What is your soul search all about? How do you plan to do it? Do let me know.
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