Friday, May 2, 2014

When you have a party...

What are your secret ingredients when you organise a party at home and you have invited friends?
Dance? Disco? and... Daaru! But again, what kind of daaru do you usually have? Scotch, Rum, Vodka, Wine?

I would go with the first one. Scotch. If you ask me why, then my answer would be it tastes the best. I used to be a total rum drinker. I mean I never used to touch anything else. But after I started with Black Dog, I couldnt decide which was better. I have since stuck to both.

With the coming of the awesome Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, it gets even better. It is triple matured and lives up to its name, also beats any other 12 y.o reserve hands down. Imagine your glass with a peg of TGR in it, mixed with ice, having it neat. The look on people's faces when you gulp down that last drop of the finely blended Scotch Whisky in town, that is when your party is rocking. It is never the music. It is what you have it with. Going gaga over a song, but feeling nothing about it? Have a sip of the wonderful Black Dog TGR and then come back to me.

You might argue that other blends are better, but i chose to disagree. For instance, nothing can beat that woody taste your scotch has, nor has it gone through three rounds of maturation before reaching our shelves. You may run out of alcohol during your party, but the mood, the fun, the taste will remain. So get your ass moving and go get your bottle of Black Dog Triple Gold reserve today and throw a party. But dont forget to invite me ;)

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