Friday, May 2, 2014

The Star in me

A lot of you know that I am an actor and being an actor the constant fear is to not have any injury marks that would hamper our face or body and make us look bad. Yes there is make up for everything but off the camera, there is no make up.

That is when I read about Mederma's Scar to Star campaign where they were asking people to write and tell them about their stories on how they overcame their fear of a scar that almost ruined their life.

I was a young kid still in my Kindergarten when I got the biggest scar of my life. I was a naughty child and used to jump over compound walls and scale down staircases without fear. It was on one evening while I was playing and I hit my face on the edge of a compound wall. I didnt realise that I had injured myself until I felt something trickling down my face. When I looked it was blood allover and I passed out seeing so much blood.

When I regained consciousness, I saw that I had hurt myself really close to my right eye and a little miss and it would have been my eye. I never got any stitches for that injury and it healed naturally. The mark remained. I then went on to ct in plays and short films etc and the mark made me stand out. I got good characters because of it as it made me look different. People identified me by it and I never felt inferior to people who had a clean face.

Today I am living my dream, because I chose to make it my strength. You too should let pass and do something that makes you proud of it.

Write in your stories to Mederma and you might get lucky.

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