Thursday, May 15, 2014

Single Malt Whisky from a Hipflask

Some serious single malt whisky enthusiasts are likely to say that drinking whisky from a hipflask is a sacrilege. Admittedly it's not the perfect way to appreciate the full spectrum of aromas and flavours of your favourite single malt. But the weather isn't showing any signs of getting warmer in Europe and most of the Northern Hemisphere and if you have to take a dog for a walk on a particularly blisteringly cold and windy night or if you simply fancy a long walk on a Sunday afternoon, a hipflask with appropriate malt whisky content may just make the experience a little bit more pleasant.

There is time and place for proper tastings with the use of snifters and pipettes but in our opinion you don't have to be precious about your whisky every time. Here's a handful of tips on how to enjoy a bit of Black Dog on the go this winter.

1. Which hipflask?

There is no reason why any good stainless steel hipflask shouldn't last you a lifetime if you look after it so invest in quality. Remember that while novelty designs may seem appealing on the store shelf, the timeless classics are more likely to suit you and the occasion in a year or ten. When choosing the size, remember that it has to fit comfortably in the inside pocket of your jacket or coat and ideally not give you a spine injury from the extra weight. 20cl should be plenty for sharing between four or five. Don't forget the funnel.

2. Which whisky?

The beauty of drinking whisky from a hipflask is that any good quality dram should work. We'd recommend . Both pack enough flavour to keep you and your friends happy but they won't break the bank.

3. Where and when?

All the usual rules apply of course, please be responsible for yourself and those around you. Apart from that any afternoon and evening outdoors occasion is good. A wee dram won't go amiss when you're walking the dog or walking back home late from visiting a friend. If you want to take a hipflask to an organised event though you should always check with the organisers that it's welcome.

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