Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Right way to taste your TGR

A lot of people have their own way of savouring the favourite Scotch Whisky, the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve (TGR). There are many different ways that people follow for tasting the spirit. However there is a way defined and practised by the master blender from generations for tasting scotch which gives out the hidden flavours and aroma.

I was fortunate to meet Andrew Skene, who has a certificate of expertise in sales and service of Scotch whisky at the Scotch appreciation session. He guided us with the proper way of tasting the newly launched Triple Gold Reserve by Black Dog. Most of us generally prefer ice/cold or water/soda while having Scotch whisky, however there is a sensible and mellowed approach to give you the best enchanting taste of the "Water of Life" a.k.a "Usquebaugh". It starts from noticing the aroma till the spirit passes through your throat. Let me explain in detail.

Whichever Scotch you are enjoying, there's a way to taste it which will unlock the flavours of the spirit in your mouth. Every scotch has to be observed for four things to get the complete picture, these are colour, nose, palate and finish. First of all, after you have just poured the scotch in your glass add a little bit of quality bottled water, not more than 5-6 drops. This is a trick that really helps the spirit breathe after its long spent time in the bottle and casks. Thanks to Andrew for teaching this. Hold your glass containing the TGR against sunlight or a white light. Observe the deep colours in the liquid and rotate the glass carefully. Next, sniff the liquid holding the glass a little under your nostrils and take a pull. TGR is strong and you will definitely not miss it. You are now ready to taste, take a sip into your mouth. Let the liquid settle down on top and bottom of your tongue. Hold it for a little over half a minute and slowly swallow it. The finish is the feeling you get after the Scotch passes through your throat. It is certainly strong and the sensation lasts for quite a few minutes.

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