Friday, May 9, 2014

Is there a season to it?

The Summer is just fading away and the warm days are almost over. But does that mean that you shouldn't have a Scotch in Summer?

While many people associate drinking single malts with cold weather, snow or winter holidays, a tasty and well-balanced whisky is perfect just about any time of the year. The difference may be in your approach to the drinking occasion or the serve.

Having a generous peg sitting at home enjoying your vacation and a great book in the non-drinking hand is great but when the birds are singing and the warmth in the air is calling you to come outside and play, there is no reason why you should leave your whisky behind. A small serving will go a long way at a picnic or when walking a dog. If walking around with a glass in your hand is not acceptable where you are, consider a hipflask

Remember that great whisky is meant to be enjoyed, not just sampled. If you like, pair it with good food, serve it over ice or even in a great cocktail. We promise not to tell anyone.

Whenever we're asked how we drink our whisky, the answer is 'with friends'. It's not always true. Sometimes you need a solitary dram to unwind and relax. But Spring definitely brings out the pack animal in us and that's why right now is the perfect time to share some Black Dog TGR. Organise a get-together with friends from school, re-activate your band or build up the courage and finally ask that girl from the coffee shop out for a drink. Whisky brings people together.

Hope this helps inspire you to get out of your whisky comfort-zone in the coming weeks and months

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