Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Gift to be cherished

I have my parents celebrating their anniversary this month, and I have been wondering what I could gift them. My mother, is a teetotaler but my father in his heydays, used to drink, probably it is his genes in me that bring me close to alcohol. Jokes apart, but it has to be something that I want both of them to cherish for a long time. I have been looking over every book available but to my disappointment, nothing seems good enough.

I recently came across the all new Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve that has been hitting the popularity charts amongst the Scotch Whiskeys. Now there are two things. Should I go ahead and gift it to them or find something else? I need an answer. There isnt much time left and time's running out.

Probably I think I will go ahead and gift it to them. So what if mom doesnt drink? It is one the world's finest Scotch Whiskeys I am going to gift. It isnt easy to please them. They have had some of the finest choices and likes all through. They liked us. ;)

But then imagine, that wonderful smell of Vanilla and Butterscotch, with a hint of caramel and powdered pepper, who can resist that. In a way the gift is for myself. I cant really go and buy one for myself. I need a reason to do so. And probably that is the reason why I will gift them the all new Black Dog TGR.

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