Friday, September 27, 2013

Rapoo BT Ultra-slim Keyboard for Android E6500- Review

Another masteriece from Rapoo's amazing range of wireless devices is the Ultra-slim Keyboard for Android which works as a wireless device for your Android tablets or Phones. It is very light in use and can be easily packed into your bag and taken around anywhere. It gives an approximate battery life of 24 hours with moderate usage! Cannot guarantee that with your android devices though. 

The Keyboard packs all the necessary keys needed and never do you feel you are missing out any, which is the case for most wireless keyboards today. Infact you can hold it with both your hands and reach out to the middle of the keyboard with ease. Just like using a joystick. 

Connecting the keyboard and pairing it with your device is seamless. Once the pairing is complete you just have to key in the pairing code on it and voila, its done. 

Some specs of the keyboard

5.6mm ultra-slim design with brushed stainless steel

5.6mm at thinnest, scissor key structure and stainless steel plate, bring you comfortable tactile.

Design for Android

Android hotkeys,easy access to what you want. (Note:Except Android hotkeys,the keyboard supports Mac or the PCs with Bluetooth function)

Bluetooth 3.0 technology

No wire,no receiver,you can get up to 10m transmission distance with bluetooth technology.

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  1. Hey dude, how do you use the @ key in this keyboard?? Whenever i try to use it, it will turn up "" in this way instead of the @ key that i want