Friday, September 27, 2013

Rapoo BT Ultra-slim Keyboard for Android E6500- Review

Another masteriece from Rapoo's amazing range of wireless devices is the Ultra-slim Keyboard for Android which works as a wireless device for your Android tablets or Phones. It is very light in use and can be easily packed into your bag and taken around anywhere. It gives an approximate battery life of 24 hours with moderate usage! Cannot guarantee that with your android devices though. 

The Keyboard packs all the necessary keys needed and never do you feel you are missing out any, which is the case for most wireless keyboards today. Infact you can hold it with both your hands and reach out to the middle of the keyboard with ease. Just like using a joystick. 

Connecting the keyboard and pairing it with your device is seamless. Once the pairing is complete you just have to key in the pairing code on it and voila, its done. 

Some specs of the keyboard

5.6mm ultra-slim design with brushed stainless steel

5.6mm at thinnest, scissor key structure and stainless steel plate, bring you comfortable tactile.

Design for Android

Android hotkeys,easy access to what you want. (Note:Except Android hotkeys,the keyboard supports Mac or the PCs with Bluetooth function)

Bluetooth 3.0 technology

No wire,no receiver,you can get up to 10m transmission distance with bluetooth technology.

Rapoo H6060 Bluetooth Headphones: Review

Last week I got a headset from Rapoo to play around. These headphones are wireless, Bluetooth headphones that can be used with you computer, iPod or mobile phones. The model that I got was the Rapoo H6060. This particular model comes in two colours- Black and White and has a Bluetooth 2.1+EDR wireless transmission protocol that supports up to 10M high-quality,stereo music enjoyment

  • Automatical switch between phone call and music
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Recharge by the universal mini-USB cable—even while you’re still playing; 2-hour charging,6-hour enjoyment.
The headphones are extremely light and though large in size, never do you feel that you have something over your head.

The sound quality of this particular model is pretty decent and not the extremely high quality kind that others in its range have to offer. For a price of Rs 4000+, there are a few elements missing. 

Nevertheless, if you use headphones for just to listen to music and dont really concentrate on how it sounds, these are for you. It has the right thump in it and at full volume sound the best. 

It sits well on your ears and is very comfortable to use, apart from being bendable in every direction. This is what I loved about them. Even though they are not foldable, you could keep them in you bag and be assured they will not break. 

Some pictures:

About Rapoo:

Founded in 2002, RAPOO is dedicated to offering excellent, cutting-edge wireless peripheral products to users around the world. “Wireless Your Life” is the simple philosophy that RAPOO has always adhered to.
RAPOO has constantly paid close attention to the continuous changes in user demands and to providing corresponding solutions. The RAPOO range of wireless mice, wireless keyboards, wireless headsets and wireless speakers is tailored to meet the needs of PC users. Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth keyboards for intelligent terminals, like mobile phones and tablet PCs, are further featured in RAPOO’s broad portfolio. Multimedia keyboards and Multi-Link (dandelion technology) product suites for the home theater round out the RAPOO range.
RAPOO possesses a top class R&D design team which has a deep understanding of the industrial aesthetic standards of today’s world and can accurately grasp the end-user experiences in the market. In the IF Design Awards 2012 and 2013, four products of the RAPOO Blade Series won awards, which further strengthened and honoured RAPOO's relentless pursuit of offering the best user experience.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Choco Mania at Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme has introduced three new amazing donuts that are all chocolate delicacies only for the hard core chocolate lovers. Sink your teeth into a sweet rupture of the signature chocolate doughnut in delicious flavors – Chocolate Custard Orange Chocolate Cookie Crunch at your nearest Krispy Kreme store in Bengaluru. These three donuts have been added to the menu only for a limited period until october, after which you will miss them all. 

I got this wonderful opportunity to go witness how they are made and also made a few for Krispy Kreme. THe whole experience was awesome because we got to visit their kitchens for the first time and learnt how the perfect donut is made. 

The best part about the choco mania is that the donuts are made of chocolate dough and not original dough used to make the donuts. The piping hot glazed donuts and the Choco Creme filled are my personal favourites. 

Along with these donuts, you have some new coffees that will be made available only until october. I am not a fan of mint with coffees r chocolate but the KK variant of a cold coffee with some mint blew me away. There is also the original cappuccino and the coffee chilli( this one is great for the rainy season). 

A couple of photos for you to see what we made and did.. ;)