Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hop, Skip and Jump! at Hoppipola

Bangalore has a new addition to its amazing list of restaurants! August 2nd saw the very awesome Hoppipola open here at Indiranagar and i finally got my chance to go check it out on our Independence day!

Hoppipola is part of the Mainland China group and is situated in Indiranagar right above Mainland china. A visit to the place will ensure you make it your "adda." I am telling that because the place just makes you fall in love with it. Be it the food, ambience, cost, everything is just right. It is a place for people like us. The open roof just adds to everything.

I took a tour of the place and the first thing I saw was that it was more like a lounge. You could just go and sit there relaxing all day. You can play the video games of the 90's or the tables can turn into game boards when you choose to play X&O's. Everyday there are chugging competitions and then on saturday you have weekly championships. More on it in my pictures.

The first thing I tried out was the Cheesienos. It is an improved and better version of the garlic bread but with LOADS of cheese and Jalepenos. You can ask for some sour cream and it then tastes heaven.
As I was relishing it I was given the Watermelon and Basil mojito. Mojitos being my fav, this is now my favourite of the Mojitos. the taste of watermelon is the best part.

I was offered the Teriyaki Paneer to try. I was a bit skeptical in the start. But the minute I bit it into it, I wanted more. It was just tasty! I ordered for the potato cheese burgers and Pesto pasta with Rum next and a Vodka Ginger twist.

The potato cheesburgers are something u got to try. They are not the regular burger. THey are three mini, coin sized burgers but fill up your tummy easily! Personally I am a huge addict of Pesto Pasta. I prefer pesto pasta anyday over any other sauced ones. I was even more excited here because the menu said "mixed with some RUM" how could I ignore it?? I binged into it like never before. Ok that was a bit exaggerated and you might even feel how could i like everything there... but i told you before "one vist and it'll turn into your adda". THe pasta was PERFECT! I wanted to meet the cook just like the mainland china ad and tell him this is the best food I have ever eaten!!!

I was too full to try anything more. I will go there soon though and eat more because it is super cheap! My huge bowl of pasta cost only 175! A pint of beer is 100! So do I have to give you anymore reasons to go visit it??

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Watermelon and Basil Mojito

Pesto Pasta with Rum

Potato Cheeseburgers

Vodka GInger twist

Teriyaki Paneer

If you are a lady, dont forget to try the 72 doors for a special gift :D

The Chugathon Table

Brain Damage

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