Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mexifornia for the stomach!

Well what happens when The California Pizza Kitchen has their Mexifornia food festival and invites you to an exclusive tasting? You walk out with your taste buds overly satisfied and stomach feeling goooood!

That is the best part of the California Pizza Kitchen Food festival. Thoroughly mexican yet the taste remains. The highlight of the whole Mexifornia food festival is that. it retains the original tastes of the pizzas even though there is a distinct mexican taste in everything. There is a special menu for the whole festival that will leave you wanting for more.

The first dish that came over to our table was a signature mexican dish the Enchilada. Being a vegetarian, I was served the Paneer Enchilada which was just yummy. Filled with tasty tangy paneer inside, cheese and various other spices, I wanted more!

After stuffing my stomach with the entire Enchilada, we were served the Baja Pizza for the vegetarians and the Meat eaters got Chicken Carnitas Pizza. The Baja Pizza was a very thin crust pizza topped with cheese, Black Beans, mushrooms, roasted golden corn and hand torn Cilantro. It truly was filling despite the thin crust.

Next in line was again a signature Mexican dish. The tacos. What made the tacos yummy was that it was served with Mexican rice that were very citrusy in taste. The tacos were topped with paneer and the yummy Chitpole Slaw. Slurrp!

Moving on, the final nail in the coffin was the epic epic dessert! it was a traditional Mexican pastry served along with the homemade Mole Mousse. And we couldnt help but ask the chef for extra servings of the mousse.

If you want to try this wonderful menu then head over to any of the California Pizza Kitchens across the city and ask for it! I am sure you wont be disappointed.

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