Saturday, March 9, 2013

Women and Scotch

We celebrated the international women’s day yesterday and honored the women in the world who continue to match every step with men in every field.

When it comes to liquor, it is always taken for granted that the women do not prefer hard liquor. It is presumed that a woman’s favourite drink is vodka. But not anymore. The women have moved on from vodka to drinks that men prefer too. Be it rum or whiskey or even Scotch, the women want an equal share. Gone are those days when you had to make an effort to go buy vodka only for women at house parties. Now you don’t.

I know a lot of women who hate vodka and prefer scotch over it anyday. Infact my best friend is one among them. She says she started off having Scotch because her dad used to have it. She has never had/tasted any other liquor nor will she do that because she values her glass of scotch more.

On asking further she went on to describe what qualities she likes in her scotch. She prefers something light, smooth that doesn’t knock her off too soon and something that can be had at ease. “Something like Black Dog you know”, she says.

I cannot deny more. Black Dog has to be part of your bar if you are stocking up Scotch Whisky. Easily available off the shelves of liquor marts, the finest scotch in the world is no more a favorite for men, the women love it too.

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