Saturday, March 16, 2013

The perfect gift

In the last post I mentioned about how I enjoy going out for adventure trips with Suman, my best friend.

Last year around his birthday in May, I was sitting like a sitting duck trying to figure out what would be the best gift for him. I asked his girlfriend for suggestions only to get suggestions for what she wanted for her birthday!!! I tried my luck by asking his parents and also going through his previous gifts.

I kept hitting a dead end everytime. It was like I would never be able to figure out what he wanted and what fit into my budget. Running through websites for personalized gifts proved fatal because I ended up with girly stuff only because in India, Suman is usually a feminine name. Nonetheless I went around shopping thinking I would find some good clothes. I did find them but they were wayyyy out of my budget.

Then, my friend Hrish suggested I gift him liquor. This made my quest for the perfect gift easy. I went into a liquor mart all excited thinking I would pick up a bottle and walk out. Just like in the facebook meme’s. But I was horribly wrong. There were so many brands to choose from. I had come a full circle of hitting dead ends. At one end I saw this one exclusive counter dedicated to a particular scotch whisky. I walked up and saw that it was BlackDog. The world’s finest scotch whisky which is a 130 year old brand. I suddenly had a bulb glow over my head, a blurb beside my ears that said “this is what you must buy. It is the best!!!”

Without thinking twice, I picked up a bottle of the Black Dog Centenery and got it packed. Cut to today, I am three months away from Suman’s birthday and he wants the Black Dog Quintessence this time. I need to save up!! Or….

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