Friday, March 8, 2013

The king and his scotch

Let me tell you a story today. A story that is about 130 years old.

There once lived a king in an old city called Raindrop. This city lived in harmony and peace because the king ruled really well. There was never a chance for anyone to complain. The king;s justice was fair and never unjust.

On one day the king seemed tensed and sad. While he was walking past his palace he saw a servant of his who seemed really happy and was singing. He walked up to him and asked him why he was so happy and singing. The servant said he was just enjoying his work.

Because the servant failed to give a substantial answer, the king went to his advisor and told him about this incident. The wise man after hearing the king’s woes smiled and said “ Oh king, this man seems to have something in the night before he sleeps that keeps him relaxed and fresh through the day. The king was puzzled. He wondered how could a servant have something so good that he felt so relaxed? That night he decided to visit the servant’s house and find out what it was. In the night he dressed up as a poor man and went to the servant’s house and told him he was hungry and very tired. The servant was a nice man and took him in and gave the king shelter with some food.

After dinner, the king pretended to sleep, while the servant went and poured something that looked magical and golden. He couldn’t contain his curiosity and he came out of disguise and appeared as himself in front of the servant and asked him what he was drinking. The servant was shocked to see the king and begged for mercy. The king demanded an answer. He was then told that the servant had a rich friend who lived somewhere in Scotland and brought him this magical drink that rid him of all worries and stress every night.

The king took a sip of it and was surprised. He had never tasted anything better. It truly was magical. It calmed him down immediately. Amazed, he asked what this magic potion was called. BLACK DOG master came the answer.

The very next day, the king ordered for the finest scotch in the world to be brought into the town into everybody’s household. And that is how we now have Black Dog still being brought in houses of the people who live in Raindrop, 130 years later.

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